So much more

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

nypennIf you ask people what they think the three C’s of Girl Scouting are many will respond with cookies, camping, and crafts. But Girl Scouts today is so much more than that! Girl Scouts today teaches girls real life skills relevant to our world today.

Yes, there are many traditional activities in Girl Scouts. Girls can go camping, they do make craft projects, and they learn about cooking, first aid, and “Girl Scout ways”. Traditions are an important part of what girls learn in their troops.

But did you know that girls are also learning about business skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and website design, among other things. Detective badges, digital cookie selling platforms, the NYPENN girl media team which helps with making podcasts all help teach girls skills they will use as they grow and someday enter the workforce.

So, while Girl Scouts continue to participate in those three C’s, of cookies, camping, and crafts, we can add more C’s to what Girl Scouts is teaching about, such as climate change, cyber-bullying, and critical thinking.

Girl Scouts really is about discovering, connecting and taking action. If you are interested in joining Girl Scouts or learning more about all of the activities that Girl Scouts can take part in, visit the council website at

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