Voting Still Open For Girls’ Choice Badges!

That’s right! Girls’ Choice badges are back, and we are SO excited! This year, girls get to vote for one of three awesome badge categories and they’ll also get to select a badge topic of their choice. Here are this year’s choices, all full of big learning, fun, and adventure – they’re so Girl Scouts!


  • Art in the Outdoors
  • Camping Skills
  • Outdoor Cooking

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  • Engineering
  • Coding/E-textiles
  • Life/Forensic Science

Financial Literacy

  • Financing Your Fun Stuff
  • Watching Your Dollars Grow
  • Social Entrepreneurship

girls choiceThrough November 15 girls can vote for their favorite category. What will it be? Outdoors, STEM, or Financial Literacy? That’s a tough one! At the same time, girls will vote for their favorite topic under the category they choose. It’s going to be amazing. Once the winner is selected, Girl Scouts of the USA will be working super hard alongside subject matter experts to develop the badge content and test the activities with girls before the final decisions are made. This will help make sure badge activities are created that truly resonate with girls, and get them really excited about joining in on all the fun and discovery.

Girls will also have a chance to vote on the design of their badge! Stay tuned for info and dates around the design poll. But for now, we encourage you to empower every Girl Scout you know to vote, vote, vote! We need every adult to help girls make sure their voices are heard, and encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to create their very own Girl Scout experience – it’s such an important part of the magic! The time to vote is now.

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