Three things for Thursday

CampBy Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

As a Girl Scout volunteer there are a number of resources available to help you in your work with girls. You can attend service unit meetings to network and share ideas with others, attend a learning opportunities course or complete a home study, or access safety activity checkpoints for different activities you may be planning with the girls in your troop.

Did you know that you also have access to online learning resources through the Girl Scout University?

Here are three things you might find useful on the site:

Song leading workshops — Do you work with Daisy or Brownie age girls? Find an online workshop on how you can teach songs to girls

Encouraging parent involvement — looking for ways to get parents more involved in helping out? This workshop is a great way to learn about communicating the troop needs and encouraging more involvement.

Re-Energize your service unit — need ideas on getting more leaders to attend your service unit meetings, finding more help for your service team, and increasing the networking among troop leaders in your community? Try this workshop to learn some great tips on how to re-energize everyone!

For these and other workshops or troop leader tips visit the link above to access the GS University or visit the GSNYPENN website for additional learning opportunities and resources at

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