Afton Girl Scout Receives Girl of Merit Award!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

Leslie volunteering at camp.

She truly knows what it means to be a leader in her school, in her community, and in Girl Scouts.

Leslie is from Afton where she is a high school student and member of Girl Scout Troop 30755. She has been in Girl Scouts since 5-years-old, co-leads a Daisy troop and is a member of the Girl Advisory Board.

Leslie is always trying to help and solve problems. She started at the young age of 3 1/2. She asked an older couple if they wanted to hear her sing the new song she learned in pre-school. Just like that she made an immediate friend of the couple. She later took piano lessons in their home. When they had to move closer to their family, rather than change piano teachers, Leslie asked if they could skype. It was something that she, and the couple, immensely enjoyed.

At the age of 7, during the 2006 flood, she visited with displaced flood victims and led a sing-a-long with her mom. By the age of 12, during the 2011 flood, she helped at the shelter and at the senior apartment complex with the clean up. She now tutors a young girl, mentors other band and chorus members and is the go-to person for the high school music department. Leslie also volunteers at camp where she not only leads activities, but is a support to others when they are leading.

Leslie truly exemplifies what it means to be a Girl Scout!

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