Be Part of a Day Camp Focus Group!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

campCamp is a vital part of the Girl Scout experience. Being able to experience all the outdoors has to offer is a great opportunity that every girl should be able to experience. That’s why we’ve started a Day Camp Focus Group.

Would you like to find out more information about starting a volunteer-run day camp in your area? Maybe you’ve thought about planning one but aren’t quite sure where to start. Your thoughts and feelings are important as we move forward in creating a volunteer day camp training manual that will come out sometime in the spring.

Join us at one of the following free focus groups:

  • Southwest Region at the Baliwick Lodge at the Comstock Program Center – Tuesday, January 19
  • Central Region at the Cicero Service Center – Wednesday January 20
  • North Region at Dunkin’ Donuts in Evans Mills – Thursday, January 21
  • South Region at the Johnson City Service Center – Tuesday, January 26
  • East Region at the New Hartford Service Center – Tuesday, January 28
  • Northwest Region at Tim Horton’s in Newark – Monday, February 1

Find more information about the day camp focus groups on the events page on our website.

To register for one contact Mandi Torres at 315-698-9400, ext. 2048 or

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