Cookies across America

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager; Community Recruitment

cookie1The Girl Scout cookie sale program is almost upon us here at Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. Just a few short weeks away. The cookie convention is planned and it is going to be amazing! Did you know that you can also kick off your cookie sale with Cookies Across America?

Little Brownie Baker would love videos and pictures of girls kicking off their cookie sale in parades. Maybe you could host your own parade at a local cookie rally, or a community event in your neighborhood. If you do, upload your video and pictures on the Little Brownie Baker website,, and your troop could be featured in a special webcast of girls from all over the country!

Then, before you head to the Cookie Convention, gather the girls and watch the online Cookies Across America video!This high-energy show will feature real Girl Scouts in their local parades and help girls learn cookie selling tips. It’s available at 11 a.m. ET here and on

For more information visit either the Little Brownie Baker website or the council website at

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