Opportunity Catalog coming soon!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

nypenn_2-color_crOne of the most exciting parts of our new volunteer and girl resources, and our new way of work, is the Opportunity Catalog!

Every troop in NYPENN is active in our opportunity catalog when the system goes live. This means that your troop will be listed to any potential new or existing girl member. You may choose to add additional volunteer roles to your troop listing as well. Need help with cookies? List that you are in need of a cookie volunteer. Want troop committee members to help with driving or special skills to offer at troop meetings? List those as well! Let parents and interested volunteers in the community know what you need help with!

The opportunity catalog will only show available slots for your troop for both girl and adult members. If your troop is already at capacity it will not be displayed in the Opportunity Catalog. If you would like to increase or decrease your capacity all you need to do is update your troop information!  

Maybe you want to share that your troop’s focus is on community service, or travel, or career exploration? Help girls and volunteers with special interests find your troop to join!

If you would like to update your troop information please use the Update my Troop form on the council website at http://www.gsnypenn.org

Once you submit your information, it will be updated within three days. You can choose to change your capacity, your description, and location all at one time.

For more information visit the council website.



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