Local Girl Scouts Complete Energy Audit!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

Energy auditJunior Girl Scout Troop 10797 in Radisson learned a thing or two about energy while working on their Junior Journey Award.

The girls, who meet monthly at the Aspen House, learned about the use of energy in homes and buildings, sustainable energy sources and maintaining their own personal energy.

In order to earn the badge, the girls had to conduct an energy audit in their meeting space. Their leaders and parent volunteers helped the girls prepare by conducting activities and experiments related to conservations and energy. In addition, Walter Dengos, from National Grid, visited the girls and shared information about how energy gets to our homes and buildings, use of energy saving light bulbs, and how to read a meter.

Based on what they learned the girls made the following recommendations to the Aspen House:

  • Use more LED lighting.
  • Do a blow test to find or check for cracks or unsealed openings.
  • Install dark window film to the windows. This will reflect sunlight away from it.
  • Install more ceiling fans to force the head to circulate better.
  • Install window treatments that hold the heat in better. Perhaps think drapes would help.
  • Test how much energy each appliance uses and see if they need to get more energy efficient appliances.
  • Consider replacing windows with better sealed windows or re-caulk them.
  • Add additional insulation and or vapor barriers in the attic.
  • Consider adding solar cells on the roof to make electrical energy.
  • Update all caulking and weather stripping.

The girls also donated some LED light bulbs to the Aspen House Maintenance Department.

Way to go girls! Let us know what your girls are doing to earn awards or patches by e-mailing details and photos to kdunne@gsnypenn.org.

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