Meet This Summer’s Camp Staff

butterfly1We’re so excited to be offering you so many great programs at camp this summer! We have several of our international camp workers returning again this summer and our own Outdoor Program Manager, Mandi Torres, talked to some of them about last summer and what they are most looking forward to this summer.

Camp Name:

Where you’re from:
Derby, England, UK

What you’re studying at University:
Childhood Studies at The University of Wolverhampton

Favorite memory of camp 2015:
Can the whole summer be my favorite memory??? It is so hard to choose just one! Although one stands out for me! Having a birthday on camp, also the first camp counselor birthday of the summer!!! For me I had never been away from my parents on my birthday, so I was quite homesick on that day but all of the other camp counselor’s made it so special and it will be a birthday I will never forget. Just thinking about it puts the biggest smile on my face!

Favorite camp song:
butterfly2For slow song: Linger
For fast song: There was a great big moose

What’s the best part of camp (for the girls):
Meeting the other girls. I saw groups of girls who had never met before be really close friends by the end of the week. And the range of activities that the girls got to do, because they could have been doing archery in the morning and then the high ropes in the afternoon.

Best part of your job:
Seeing the girls happy and excited to do an activity or at the end of the week when a girl would come back with their parents and say what a brilliant week that they had.

What you’re looking forward to in summer 2016:
Just to be back at camp! I miss it so much, from the people to being next to Cayuga Lake.

Why girls should come to camp:
It is a brilliant experience. I have met some incredible people from both sides of the pond that I hope will be friends for life. I have had some once in a lifetime experiences and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

butterfly3Name one thing about you the girls might not know:
I was terrified about coming! I didn’t know what to expect, and for me being away from family scared me so much as I had never been away from them for that long. But getting there and meeting both the rest of the British staff and the American staff made me so much more comfortable and excited for the rest of the summer. Being at camp for those 7/8 weeks also proved to me that I can work with children, because you are with the girls 24 hours for 5 days straight, so it proved to me that I do have the patience to work with them and that I can change plans within minutes, whether it be because of the weather or the schedule changes.

Anything else you want to say?
Coming to camp is one of the best decision I have ever made. I loved it so much and I miss it so much! Saying that I am excited to come back would be an understatement!!!

Camp life is the best life! Register to have an amazing summer at Girl Scout Summer Camp!


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