World Thinking Day

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

thinking dayAs a Girl Scout you are part of a network of girls and women around the globe and each year we celebrate this connection on February 22, World Thinking Day.

This year the theme for World Thinking Day is “Connect”.

This is a day to explore and celebrate all of the connections that make our lives fuller and happier. A day to connect with yourself, with your friends, with your communities, and with the world.

There are some amazing activities on the Girl Scouts website,, for girls to take part in and learn about connecting with others. From keeping a happiness diary, to having an invite a friend to Girl Scouts event, to making the world a better place through a community take action project.

There’s even a Thinking day Award patch for girls to earn by completing different activities.

So, start planning, find ways to connect, and celebrate this year’s World Thinking Day!

For more information about Girl Scouts visit the NYPENN website at


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