Meet This Summer’s Camp Staff

Daffodil is in the cow mask

We’re so excited to be offering you so many great programs again at summer camp! We have many returning summer camp workers and our own Outdoor Program Manager, Mandi Torres, talked to some of them about last summer and what they are most looking forward to this summer.

Camp Name:

Where you’re from:
Massena, New York

What you’re studying:
Nursing at SUNY Plattsburgh

Favorite Memory of Camp 2015:
My favorite memory of camp is all of the opening campfires on Sunday night because everyone is filled with excitement of the week to come and all the fun that will be had.

Favorite camp song:
Old Lady Leary

Best part of camp for the girls:
They are allowed to make their own choices for the camp experience. This could be choosing the program that they want to attend, choosing what to do in open programming or even just choosing whether or not they want to do the polar bear swim. They get to make choices that they don’t traditionally get to do in their everyday life.

Best part of your job:
I love seeing the girls overcome the things that they didn’t think they would be able to do.

What you’re looking forward to in summer 2016:
I can’t wait to make more memories at camp so once again my friends and family feel like they were there too (from my constant talking of my experiences).

What girls should come to camp:
They will come home with so many stories and experiences that will make parents smile when they realize how positive camp was for their daughter.

Name one thing about you that the girls may not know:
I can milk a cow.

Want to have an amazing outdoor experience? Then register to attend Girl Scout summer camp this summer!

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