Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

nypenn_2-color_crHave you checked out the council website lately? There are some great new volunteer training events planned as well as some exciting girl program event opportunities! Here are three:

Spring Fling at Hoover Adventure Center — Friday, April 22- Sunday, April 24. Mark Your Calendar! Spring Fling is back by popular demand! This is a weekend retreat for learning, relaxation, and FUN! Come one day or stay all weekend. Spring Fling 2016 includes a variety of workshops planned for your needs and interests. Experience the traditions of Girl Scouting by participating in Show & Tell and traditional Girl Scout ceremonies. Explore our great outdoors; increase your skills and knowledge with Simply Successful Overnights and Camping (SSO/SSC). There are workshops for first-year leaders, First Aid/CPR certification, NEW Journey Camp, and even a Bronze/Silver/Gold Awards clinic. You’ll have time to network with other Girl Scout volunteers during roundtable sessions for leaders and service unit teams and to enjoy some “me time” with a complimentary chair massage from Onondaga School of Theraputic Massage or with fellow volunteers. Come enjoy all we have to offer!

Adventures in Chocolate – May 11, Little Falls, NY. Though we think of chocolate as something to eat today, in the eighteenth century chocolate was a very popular drink. Girls will learn about the history of chocolate and see a live demonstration of the chocolate-making process that was used in the colonial era.  Girls will make and taste a snack using chocolate made from an 18th century recipe. (A minimum of 10 Scouts needed for this program. Small groups may contact the site for special arrangements.)

Frog Frenzy – June 1, Little Falls, NY. Through a hands-on exploration of live pond animals, Girl Scouts will learn how to identify the animals found in a pond, their role in the pond, animal life cycles, and the food chain of a pond. We will also get a chance to see a lot of wiggly creatures! (A minimum of 10 Scouts needed for this program. Small groups may contact the site for special arrangements.)

For detailed information on these and many other program and training opportunities visit the council website at

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