Meet This Summer’s Camp Staff

Finn3We’re so excited to be offering you so many great programs again at summer camp! We have many returning summer camp workers and our own Outdoor Program Manager, Mandi Torres, talked to some of them about last summer and what they are most looking forward to this summer.

Camp Name:
Finn or Finn Finley Finnley if somebody wanted a last name.

Where you’re from:
Portsmouth, UK

What you’re studying:
I’m not at university, I’m having a gap year!

Favorite memory of camp 2015:
All of the closing campfires with the wishboats and the slow songs.

Favorite camp song:
Finn1The shark song or the call out ones (sizzle and rock the boat and those sort!) or alive awake alert. Those are my favorite fast ones but my favorite slow song would absolutely have to be barges.

Best part of camp for the girls:
The best part of camp for the girls is probably the opportunities to do some amazing things that they may not ever get to do but also the opportunity to meet new people and occasionally a crazy counselor!

Best part of your job:
The best part of my job was seeing a camper not confident enough to do something at the start of the week but by the end of the week having gained the confidence to give it a tray even if they don’t quite manage it. And another great part was seeing the campers leave having made great friends and also seeing the returning campers come back and pick up friendships where they left them last summer.

Finn2What you’re looking forward to in summer 2016:
Everything!! I’m looking forward to meeting great campers and other counselors and being able to take part and lead activities far from everyday life.

Why girls should come to camp:
Girls should come to camp to gain new and crazy skills like cooking outside, or taking part in amazing outdoor activities or even just to make new friends and to learn about themselves!

Name one thing about you that the girls may not know:
Hmmm that’s a tough one…I’m called Finn because I have 102 fish all called Larry!

I would also like to say that food at camp is great and the counselors make fantastic PB&J’s!

Want an amazing outdoor experience? Then make sure you register to attend Girl Scout summer camp this summer!

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