Volunteer Feature – Meet Julie Hall!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

Julie Hall grew up in Girl Scouts. From Ilion she was very much involved in Girl Scouts and even earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award. She moved to New York City for college but continued to have a passion and love for Girl Scouts. After working in the city for a few years after college she soon realized she wanted to give back to the community that raised her.

She made the leap and moved back to Ilion last September and started volunteering with a multi-level troop. She is learning about all of the changes that have happened since she left Girl Scouts and enjoying all of the traditions that have stayed the same.

Julie took some time to talk to me about her Girl Scout journey that led her to be a volunteer!

julie hall
Julie Hall, top left, with Cadette Troop 20619 and multi-level Troop 20857.

Where did you grow up and be involved in Girl Scouts?
I grew up in Ilion, NY, which is a small village outside of Utica, NY. It’s where the first Remington rifle was forged and where I first got involved with Girl Scouts.

What did you do to earn your Bronze Award?
To earn the Bronze Award, my troop organized a children’s book drive throughout the community and volunteered to read books to young children at the local Head Start in Herkimer, NY.

What was your favorite memory of Girl Scouts growing up?
My favorite memory of Girl Scouting is selling cookies! As a Brownie, I went door to door in my local neighborhood and spoke with community members about Girl Scouts and the cookie sale. I remember being really nervous about speaking with the adults at first, but when I started securing orders, I felt much better! This experience equipped me with the necessary skills to take on even bigger challenges, like going to college, securing internships, and starting a career.

What made you decide to become a Girl Scout volunteer?
I decided to become a Girl Scout volunteer because I know how much of an impact Girl Scouting has had on my life and accomplishments. Girl Scouting is where I learned about leadership, community engagement, and challenging myself to try new things and meet new people. It is important to me to pay it forward, and give back to the community and organization that helped me become who I am.

What do you most look forward to going forward as a Girl Scout volunteer?
As a Girl Scout volunteer I am looking forward to facilitating the Cadette MEdia Journey. Journeys are a new program for me, as we didn’t have them when I was a Girl Scout! I’m excited about it because the program challenges the girls to really think outside of the box and get out there and be leaders in their communities. It’s inspiring, and I love seeing the girls collaborate and think about media at a higher level than they do on a regular basis.

Do you want to be featured as a volunteer or do you know someone who should be featured? Send an e-mail to kdunne@gsnypenn.org and let me know!

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