Meet This Summer’s Camp Staff

Tink1We’re so excited to be offering you so many great programs again at summer camp! We have many returning summer camp workers and our own Outdoor Program Manager, Mandi Torres, talked to some of them about last summer and what they are most looking forward to this summer.

Camp Name:

Where you’re from:
Liverpool, England

What you’re studying at University:
Policing at Teesside University

Favorite memory of camp 2015:
I have loads of amazing memories! One of the best was doing the giant slip-and-slide, and just getting a chance to have fun with the girls! I loved all camp activities, but also I loved “all-camp” on a Friday, singing songs, doing all-camp kickball, and the mini sports day when all the counselors got buckets of water tipped over them!

Position in 2016:Tink2
I’m moving up to Program Director, which is really exciting because I was a general counselor last summer!

What you’re looking forward to for 2016:
I’m looking forward to new challenges and opportunities, but also meeting loads of new girls as well as seeing the returning girls from last summer! I have also missed camp, food. Tater tots and grilled cheese were my camp favorites!

Favorite camp song:
Georgie!! It’s so crazy and random – the girls never expect the end part of that song! Coming back to England after summer 2015, I taught the song to my Brownies group and they loved it!

Best part of camp for the girls:
Getting to meet new girls, trying new activities and growing personally…because for some girls it could be their first time away from home, so it can help them to be more independent and responsible! It’s also a chance to have fun and forget about worries at home!

Tink3Best part of my job:
Meeting the girls and working with my co-counselors! I love being a bit crazy and singing camp songs walking around camp. Along with just being in an American camp for the summer and getting to experience a different type of lifestyle from what I’m used to!

Why girls should come to camp:
Because it’s camp! It’s fun! But not just that, it’s a chance to become a part of a family! It’s a great way to transition from one grade to another because you gain more independence.

One thing that girls may not know:
That everyone at camp is crazy and a little bit wacky! Coming to camp everyone shows a crazy side, so the girls should be prepared for counselors to be singing at 7 a.m. and doing crazy random games!

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