Staying Involved

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

nypenn_2-color_crSpring, and summer, and warmer weather, are right around the corner. Many troops, at this time of year, begin planning end of year celebrations, and bridging ceremonies. But, the end of the Girl Scout year does not mean it has to be the end of a girl’s or a volunteer’s time with Girl Scouts. Maybe there is not time for a full year troop commitment, or maybe next troop year can’t come fast enough! Either way, there are a number of ways for both girls and adults to remain involved.

Girl Scouts offer many ways to be involved. Have a troop discussion about troops opportunities, and also about day and resident camp, series opportunities, travel opportunities, and service unit and council events. All girls are able to be involved through these flexible options.

Plan a bridging ceremony for the end of your troop year. Even if girl will not be involved next year it is a great way to end your year and celebrate their accomplishments. A bridging ceremony also gives girls a glimpse into the next grade level of Girl Scouting. Something may spark their interest and they will be looking forward to next year in no time!

Have a troop discussion about some of the awards that older girls can earn, such as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards. These are all opportunities for girls to make a difference in their communities. They may be looking forward to their time as Girl Scouts in those grade levels.

Begin planning next years activities with the girls. Even if your troop takes a break over the summer girls will know what’s coming up for the next fall and school year. They’ll be ready to have fun again as soon as the troop gets back together.

There are lots of possibilities for involvement in Girl Scouting. Make sure to look at them all when considering your involvement for next year. You can find information about ways to be involved on the council website at




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