Cookie Drill Receives “Promising Practice” Distinction!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

cookie drillFor the past three years the Oswego County Health Department has partnered with many local agencies, including the Girl Scouts, to hold an emergency preparedness drill.

The federal government establishes Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to protect the public when a health emergency causes local medical supplies to run out. They also encourage local health departments to promote local readiness and maintain capacities in receiving, re-packing, and distributing the SNS assets.

The Oswego County Health Department decided to practice and test their readiness by using Girl Scout cookies to simulate the SNS assets to be received, re-packed, and distributed. Girl Scout troops simulated health care providers – either coming to pick up the re-packed assets or waiting for deliver. The county highway garage served as the central receiving, inventorying, re-packing, and distributing site. The highway department loaded cookies on trucks and delivered to remote sites. The sheriff’s department provided the security check for the garage and escorted cookie transportation.

The drill has now been recognized nationally with the “Promising Practice” distinction.

The Oswego County Health Department hopes that this emergency preparedness drill can be exercised in each county in the United States!

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