Daisy Sprouts

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

girl scoutIn some areas of the NYPENN Pathways council this spring and summer a special short-term series program is being offered to girls who will be entering Kindergarten this coming September.

The Daisy Sprout series will give girls who are heading to kindergarten this fall a small glimpse of what Daisy Girl Scouts will be like. Girls will have a chance to make new friends, hear what Daisy Girl Scouts can do, and to have fun! Parents and family members of the girls can learn about the volunteer opportunities available, as a Daisy Girl Scout troop leader, and also how they can help the troop, or volunteer with their local service team too!

Adults will also have the chance to begin the volunteer process early so they will be prepared to begin their new Daisy troops once school starts again in the fall.

Daisy Sprout programs are being planned in Schuyler, Wayne, Ontario, and Cayuga counties, as well as many others!

For information on Daisy Sprout programs being offered near your community, or on how your local volunteers and girls can help to plan one of these program, contact your area Community Recruitment Manager.

For more information on Girl Scouts and all of the amazing program opportunities for girls, visit the council website at http://www.gsnypenn.org

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