Bridging to a new level of Girl Scouts

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

centennial park serviceIt is bridging season. The time of year when girls who are moving to a different grade level in Girl Scouts work on activities to help them learn about what Girl Scouts at the new grade level might do, and then possibly participate in a special ceremony to mark their passage to the next level.

A bridging ceremony.

Many service units hold a bridging ceremony to recognize the girls’ who are moving on to the next level in Girl Scouts. Some service units make a bridge for the girls to walk over. Some service units have girls walk across a stage. And, I just recently learned about this special ceremony….the Golden Gate bridging ceremony. An article on the Girl Scouts blog explained how annually the Girl Scouts from Northern California in collaboration with the National Park Service organize this event. This year over 6,000 Girl Scouts, alumnae, and friends took part in this ceremony and walked across the 1.7 mile long bridge. And they were treated to a special party afterward, which involved swaps, games, and activities. A truly unforgettable experience!

While not every community has a bridge as spectacular as the Golden Gate bridge, we can all find special ways to recognize the achievements of the girls moving up to new levels in Girl Scouts!

And, now through June 30th you can become part of the largest Girl Scout photo collage in the world. If you’ve recently visited a national park, share your photos to Instagram and Twitter using #gsoutdoors and then view your photos and all the photos of Girl Scouts national park adventures here

For more information about bridging ceremonies or Girl Scouts visit the council website at


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