Lots of Reasons to Attend Camp CEO This Year!

By: McGinnis Miller, Girl Scout Ambassador and Girl Media Team Member from Endwell

mcginnis at camp ceoIf you are thinking about going to camp this summer, I wanted to let you know about Camp CEO. I went to it two years in a row and it was one of the most fun things I have done as an older Girl Scout.

Camp CEO is a great mix of fun camp activities and interesting leadership workshops. You will be paired for the weekend with a successful female CEO and learn from her the challenges and triumphs she had as she worked her way toward her goals. You will have the chance to talk to the CEOs as you canoe on Cayuga Lake, sit around the campfire, hike to a waterfall, or are in team challenges with the CEOs. You will learn first-hand what these CEO’s think it takes to be a leader.

One year, I was teamed up with a dentist, and we built a model bridge while we talked about networking. The bridge represented span and support, two key points of networking. She also taught me confidence: from having a firm handshake to believing that I can be anything that I want to be, like an engineer.

As Seniors and Ambassadors we have been leaders and mentors to younger girls, both in and out of Girl Scouts. Now it is our turn to learn from women who are further along a path that could be very similar to our own. We are the next generation of leaders and we have this unique opportunity to learn from these strong women.

I really enjoyed being part of Camp CEO. I hope you get a chance to go this year!

You don’t have to be a Girl Scout to attend and there are full funding opportunities available (minus a $10 registration fee). To register for Camp CEO, click here.

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