Get Outdoors!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

Do you know about the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways “Let’s Get Outdoors!” program? The one where girls earn points for doing activities outdoors, based on their grade level, and then depending on the number of points accumulated they can purchase a bracelet as a reward for their efforts, in the NYPENN boutiques?

I have decided that it is a great way to motivate myself to get outdoors more, with my own children. And while none of us can earn the bracelets (because I have boys) it is a great way to come up with ideas for things to do outdoors, to get a break from screen time, and to hopefully get more active and more healthy through the activities we choose to do. Maybe try something new and maybe learn something new too!

So, with Memorial Day being the unofficial start to summer, I’m keeping track of my “points” through the summer. My goal is 300. I hope I can make it!

This past weekend I have visited a state park, cooked a s’more over a fire, explored the night sky (did you notice the planet Mars this weekend in the sky?), went swimming, built a campfire, went fishing, and cooked over a fire using a pie iron. In one weekend I’ve accumulated 100 points!

Why not challenge yourself? Your daughter? Your Girl Scout troop? Explore the outdoors along with me this summer and see how many points you can earn while you’re out having fun! Then grab that super cool bracelet as a reminder of all the fun things you’ve done this summer!

And leave me a comment or two on what activities your Girl Scouts troop is doing.

For more information about Girl Scouts visit the council website at

One thought on “Get Outdoors!

  1. On Saturday, June 4th, the 3rd grade Brownie troop, 40127, from Newfield will be going to Comstock to plant flowers in the hanging baskets, take a short walk around the camp, then head to Taughannock Falls State park to take a hike in the beautiful gorge all while taking in the breath taking view of Cayuga Lake!

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