Outdoor Adventure

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

After earning tons of outdoor points over the holiday weekend, this past week I earned points, but not nearly as much.

This week my outdoor adventures included playing at a playground, which is a great activity for Daisy and Brownie troops to do, even as a spontaneous walking trip during a troop meeting. Do you meet near a playground? Why not take the girls outdoors to have some fun! Our new policy on troop activity applications allows you to do this without getting prior approval.

I also planted a garden. Many communities now have community gardens. Maybe your troop could plant a garden there, and donate the food to a local food pantry. Many pantries are looking for donations of fresh fruits and vegetables! What a fantastic way to get girls outdoors, teach them a life skill, and involve them in giving back to their community all at the same time!

So, in total this week I earned 25 points. Which is small in comparison to my 100 over last weekend. However, Daisy and Brownie girls only need to earn 50 and 100 total to earn their bracelet, so those totals are really attainable!

Get  outdoors with your Girl Scout troop and earn some points! What kinds of activities have you done this week?


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