Tips on Preparing for Summer Camp

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Recruitment

camp lifeIn just a few short weeks your Girl Scout may be headed off to summer camp. Maybe even for the first time. As a parent you may be feeling both excited for her to have this amazing experience and also a bit nervous too. Don’t worry. We’ve got some helpful tips to help both you and your Girl Scout be prepared for this exciting adventure!

Being prepared for summer camp will make your experience mush more enjoyable. Be sure to pack only whats needed and on any packing list you receive. Label all of your Girl Scout’s items. And don’t forget to get any health forms needed from your doctor prior to going to camp.

Have you visited the camp property your Girl Scout is headed too? Knowing what the camp is like beforehand helps ease nervousness of what to expect.

Talk about homesickness ahead of time. And about ways you can stay in touch while she’s away at camp, if she’s headed to resident camp.

Be prepared for noticing changes when she returns from camp. You may notice more independence, more confidence, more resiliency, and some new friends!

For more information on camp opportunities for your Girl Scout visit the council website at

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