Local Troop Proposes Ban on Tobacco in Parks and Playgrounds!

By: Kim Dunne, Marketing and Communications Manager

smoking ban

Smoking in public areas affects many people. It doesn’t just hurt smokers, second-hand smoke hurts every living thing, even the trees. It can kill innocent people. Everybody can have problems breathing cigarette smoke, but some people can get really sick. No one enjoys sitting next to someone smoking at their child’s sports game or at a playground. Did you know that cigarette butts are not biodegradable? They can take up to 15 years to break down! More events would take place in public parks if there aren’t people smoking in the parks.

We Girl Scouts believe that living things shouldn’t have the threat of nicotine in public areas. We started a petition to make Vestal parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields smoke free. Since you’re reading this letter you must care about our community too. Place contact the Board of the Town of Vestal to tell them what you think about smoking in Town parks.


Girl Scout Troop 30245

That was a letter to the editor that appeared in the Press & Sun Bulletin in Binghamton on June 10.

The girls from Troop 30245 spent this year working on the “Breathe” journey and decided that for their take action project they wanted to take on the issue that tobacco use is permitted in Vestal town parks and on Vestal playgrounds and athletic fields. They worked with the Broome County Tobacco Free Coalition to learn the side effects of smoking and second-hand smoke, collected hundreds of signatures on a petition they wrote, wrote this letter to the editor, and attended the Vestal Town Board work session meeting on June 20 to propose a plan for the town to officially ban tobacco use in town parks and playgrounds. They also want to add signs to the parks and playgrounds to remind the public about the ban.

The Vestal Town Board members said they were impressed with the girls’ presentation and agreed to add the girls’ proposal to the agenda for the next town board meeting!

Way to take action to make your community a better place girls! We can’t wait to hear what happens! Send photos and info about what your girls are doing in their community to kdunne@gsnypenn.org.

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