Troop Tuesday – Troop 40549

By: Kim Dunne, Marketing and Communications Manager

Troop Tuesday flower bed
Girls from Daisy Troop 40549 from the North Rose and Red Creek Service Unit were recently working on a gardening Journey and the girls decided they wanted to to help make their town more beautiful by planting flowers around town.

The girls began by planting flowers on the playground and in some local parks. They then decided they wanted to plant flowers at the town welcome sign. It was there that they discovered it was all grass and the current sign couldn’t even be read. The girls took it upon themselves to take action like Girl Scouts know how and see what they could do to replace the sign.

The troop contacted the property owner, acquired donations from friends and family and a private donor, and attended the town board meeting to make a presentation about needing a new sign and receiving permission to gift it to the town.

Way to go girls! You saw a problem and you didn’t hesitate to take action to make your community better and more welcoming! Share what your girls are up to. Be featured in our Troop Tuesday by e-mailing

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