Three Things for Thursday – Council-wide Art Contest

By: Kim Dunne, Marketing and Communications Manager

art contest enews sized
Did you hear about the council-wide art contest that’s taking place now? Friday is the deadline to submit your artwork for this awesome contest. But why should you submit your designs?

It tells us what Girl Scouts means to you! Why are you a Girl Scout? What do you love about being a Girl Scout? This is your chance to tell us! We love hearing all of the amazing reasons you’re a Girl Scout.

The winners artwork will hang in the Cicero Service Center! You’ll be invited to a special staff celebration to hang your artwork. Staff, volunteers, and other girls will get to see your artwork proudly hanging!

You’ll have fun! We love it when you have fun! You’ll be able to be creative and earn a fun patch while you’re at it.

Don’t miss out on being part of this council-wide celebration of what Girl Scouts means to you! Find out details on how to submit your artwork, here.

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