Three Things for Thursday: Save on Girl Scout Swag

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator


Is your girl looking to earn a little cash? Get certified in babysitting.

Get your Red Cross certification. These two day Red Cross certification courses are being offered across Jefferson County. The lessons will help prepare your girl for the adventures of babysitting. She’ll learn how to take care of children of all ages, learn fun games and, most important, First Aid and CPR.

In-Store Discount! If you’re looking to get saving on some Girl Scout swag, the Girl Scout stores of the NYPENN community are offering 50 percent off clearance items until July 30th. We have stores in Cicero, Horseheads, Johnson City, and New Hartford. Check our website for hours across all our stores.

What is your girl curious about? We want to know what interests your girl. Does she want to know more about the stars? Or maybe she’s curious about the microbes that live in and around us. We want to showcase things that will help nurture her imagination. Send in questions to

As always, you can find more information at

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