This Girl Scout Is Using Her Gold Award Project to Honor Local Heroes

By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

gabby downsville face painting

Some people don’t realize a girl’s journey to their Gold Award isn’t just one project–it’s many. I met Girl Scout Ambassador Gabby at the Downsville Volunteer Fire Department Celebration where she had setup a facepainting booth. Her aim was to raise money at the event. The funds raised would be used to spruce-up the Wall of Honor shrine, which commemorates those who have graduated from Downsville School and gone on to serve in the military.

Gold Award Troops

She asked event-goers to write down names of any friends or family members who have graduated from the school and served.

She intends to replace the paper photos in the shrine with metal dog tags, each one representing someone who has served in the military. The tags would have the person’s name, years served, year of graduation from Downsville School, and military branch.

Gabby estimates the project will cost around $5,000 to complete. So, before she can order the materials or set to work on sprucing up the Wall of Honor at her school, she’s working on smaller fund-raising projects, like facepainting and bake sales.

Way to provide some amazing services to your community while also honoring the troops from your community, Gabby!

poster gold award

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