By: Natalie Shoemaker, Advancement Coordinator

There are so many ways for people spend their time—it’s a precious thing—which is why we’re honored when people choose to volunteer with the Girl Scouts. So, why should you become a volunteer?

In this blog, we regularly feature amazing troops and individual girls who are—put simply–making their communities better. But I’d like you to pause for a moment and think about how these girl were able to get to this point.

It’s the volunteers. They are the cheerleaders, helping the girls towards their goals.

So, why volunteer? There are many reasons, but the number one reason why many of our volunteers do what they do? If we’re honest, it’s because there was no one else. These are the people who are willing to step-up when no one else will—the John McClanes, if you will. They know what an opportunity with the Girl Scouts means to their daughter, they don’t want her to miss out, so they raise their hand to lead.

Volunteers change lives

Volunteers give lots of service hours to their community, improving it with their troops.

When you volunteer, you will change a life. The Girl Scouts, especially when girls get to the higher levels, offers opportunities. You may even help a girl go further had Girl Scouts not been there: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards can translate into scholarships. Consider the three girls we recently featured on our blog—all from Downsville, NY–all improving their community in some way for their Gold Award projects. Volunteers helped get those girls there, and because of them she’ll go further.

Ready to volunteer? Sign-up through our website.

If you’d like to share a story about your volunteer experience send information to

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