Summer is a time to get out, experience new things. Sometimes the memories we make are a simple as teaching her how to put together her first s’mores. Grahm cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate—it’s hard to beat this fireside treat—or can you?

  1. How do you s’more? The traditional way to package a gooey marshmallow and chocolate is between two Grahm crackers. But we know there are better (read: tastier) ways to engineer a s’more. We’ve even seen Girl Scout cookies (Trefoil s’more, anyone?) act as the preferred container. So, we want to know, how do you s’more? Send in pictures to
  2. Mark your calendars. National S’mores Day is just around the corner (Wednesday, August 10th), and how could we let such a great holiday pass without a proper celebration! In-store only, all cookie and baking merchandise will be 25% off at all NYPENN shops from August 9th till the 13th. Check your local store’s hours.
  3. Girl Scout Chopped the competition. Lucy of the Eastern Pennsylvania Girl Scout council is competing in this season of Chopped Junior. Her first task, she was asked to cook a Rattle Snake dish, and she wowed the judges, winning the week.

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