Design has the power to inform and empower–just look at how a different take on the handicap parking sign can change thoughts on disability. Well, the Girl Scouts of troop 40727 from Auburn, NY decided they wanted to empower girls and women through their t-shirt design by reminding them of the great women who came before.

“Our girls designed this shirt. They agreed on the theme, voted on the colors, voted on the art, and contributed names to go on the back. This is what thy came up with. I love it!” Troop Leader Toni Bauso wrote us in the troop’s proposal. The theme they chose: Never underestimate a girl.

rosie the riveter

The front features the iconic Rosie the Riveter, while the names of notable women are written on the back. The names not only have historical significance, but a personal one as well–each name was chosen by a girl in the troop.

women of note

The girls will become more acquainted with these women over the next few years. They will continue to educate themselves about their lives, achievements, and struggles.

What one t-shirt can do

These girls are learning about more than women of note, though, they are also learning how to run an online business. Yup, these girls are selling these t-shirts online!

Through this project, the girls will be learning the ins and outs of saleswomenship–promoting their online product by sending out emails to friends and family members. This will not only help them raise funds for their troop, but also help them on their way to earning their Computer Badge.

“They will be creating a product that empowers women and young girls, leaning computer usage, learning history, setting goals, and learning the value of money,” Toni said.

The troop hopes to raise $650 towards a trip to the Orenda Springs ropes courses, where they’ll build leadership and confidence through trust experiences.

If you want to support the troop, you can purchase a t-shirt from their website. All funds raised will be paid directly to Girl Scout Troop 40727 for their trip to Orenda Springs.

We’re always looking to share stories about our girls and what they’re doing in and for their community. Send photos and info to

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