The flooding in Louisiana has left many living in the affected parts shaken, and homeless, starting over with little or no amenities. If you would like to help our Girl Scout sisters in the south who have been affected by this disaster, consider one of these three options.

Send a gift card: If you would like to help the Girl Scout troops and individual Girl Scouts who have lost their uniforms, books, and/or meeting supplies in the flood, consider purchasing a gift card from the Girl Scouts Louisiana East online shops, which will be distributed to troops/girls in need.

Send kind words: A note of encouragement is worth a lot. Consider mailing kind words to Girl Scouts Louisiana East, Regional Service Center, 545 Colonial Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

Please note: These letters may be scanned and shared through GSLE’s social media pages.

Send donations: You can donate directly to the Girl Scouts of Louisiana East.

Already putting together a care package to help the victims of the flooding in Louisiana? Share your story of giving with us. Email information and photos to

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