This could be a Girl Scout NYPenn first: For her Gold Award project, Leslie from Afton, NY created an original play, called The Herstory Project.

When a girl begins her journey toward her Gold Award, she’s asked to go beyond—finding an area where she can take action with a program that will educate and inspire others. It’s a challenging pursuit, but one that ultimately helps develop girls into leaders.

For Leslie, she decided to write, direct, and act in an original play, which now sits in the Girl Scouts of NYPenn’s archives… and on YouTube. She organized a group around her vision to help her on stage and behind the scenes.

After spending time rehearsing, she presented her finished product to an audience in June, making her mark on her community (and in NYPenn history) with her play, which sought to inform and educate her town about women who made their mark in history.

The plot goes like this: Two girls have to complete an assignment on a notable woman in history. However, they’ve waited till the last minute to complete the project. Stumped as to who they should do the project on, Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, appears to act as their guide. She bends space and time to invite other women from history to speak to the girls.

Watch The Herstory Project:

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