We have three amazing things to showcase for you this Thursday. Let’s get to them!

I love it when I see girls trying new things. As adults, we sometimes let external pressures define us, keeping us frozen. But youth is about wearing many hats—trying something new on for size. Maybe today she wants to master self-defense, but tomorrow she’ll want to become a competitive canoer! Whatever her weekly obsessions, we have a list of programs and events where she can experience and decide what new hat she wants to wear. Who knows, maybe she’ll find her true passion!

Browse our list of events and programs.

Our next link comes from a wonderful blog called Rookie Mag. It’s a therapeutic comic about a daily struggle many of us face: the obsession with perfection.

Read the comic here.

The last item on our list is all about fall fashion and showing off your Girl Scout pride. We have a lot of new things in-store (because we’re not all about sashes and patches). Take a look and browse our new fall catalog, which contains styles for every level and beyond.

Have something you’d like us to share on our blog? Pitch ideas to Natalie @ nshoemaker@gsnypenn.org.

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