On this week’s Three Things, we have something for the Girl Scouts of the past, present, and future—yes, girls who may not even be with us, yet. Scroll on, dear reader for the full list of events that should appeal to every level of Girl Scout.

Past: Maybe you were a Girl Scout once. We’re offering our Girl Scout alumnae to return to Camp Amahami for a special weekend event. Here’s your chance to hike those old familiar trails, visit the waterfront, eat meals in the lodge, get creative with arts and crafts, try your aim at archery or climb to the top of the Fire Tower. Join in campfire sing a-longs, learning new songs and reveling in the old favorites. Most of all, see those faces that you always promised to remember.

Find out how to register on our Facebook page. 

Present: The Syracuse Women’s Soccer Team is having a “Girl Scout Day” this Sunday. The team has invites Girl Scouts of all ages to come to a free game to cheer them on during their season opener against Notre Dame.  As part of our Scout Day theme all scouts in attendance will be recognized over the PA system. This should be a fun filled day full of activities and more!

Get all the details on our Facebook page.

Future: We’re looking for girls interested in Girl Scouts. However, we understand for some parents, they might feel uncertain about signing their daughter up for Girl Scouts. That’s why we’re putting on a number of meet-up events across the NYPENN region to help parents get a feel for our organization, learn what we’re all about, and meet the volunteers and troops in their area.

So, if you know someone who’s on the fence, share this list of meet-up events with them. We’re excited to meet them.

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