Camp means something to everyone. We all remember the apprehension of our first week away from mom and dad and that feeling of being someone new. You can experience that again, just as an adult.

The Girl Scouts of NYPENN is offering our Girl Scout alumnae–adults, recently graduated Ambassadors, all–a chance to retreat back into nostalgia and return to Camp Amahami for a special weekend event on October 15th, 2016.

Here’s your chance to hike those old familiar trails, visit the waterfront, eat meals in the lodge, get creative with arts and crafts, try your aim at archery or climb to the top of the Fire Tower. Join in campfire sing a-longs, learning new songs and reveling in the old favorites. Most of all, see those faces that you always promised to remember.

CEO Julie Dale will be attending this weekend event and giving a “State of the Girl Scouts talk during the day. Event-goers will have a chance to chat about recent changes and reminisce about how it was and how our organization has evolved to where it is today.

History and Archives will also be testing our “campers” knowledge with a fun bout of trivia, so brush up, ladies.

But, perhaps, best of all, campers will have an opportunity to work on a special community service project, which will help benefit local girls. We won’t say what it is, but donations of fleece would be welcome to help out with the project. Please contact Kim Tait for more information or drop donations off at the Johnson City Girl Scout Shop located in the Oakdale Mall.

Register for the event here.

The Day program runs 11:30 am – 7:30 pm and includes lunch and dinner with a suggested donation of $15.

Free overnight accommodations available in Rowe and Gladstone Lodge, but you must reserve your spot at time of registration. Both lodges have full bathroom facilities, heat and electricity. Bring your own bedding.

For any questions about this event, please call Deb Joyce at 800.943.4414 ext. 2018.

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