There are so many ways for people spend their time—it’s a precious thing—which is why we’re honored when people choose to volunteer with the Girl Scouts. So, we want to recognize the amazing people who choose to dedicate their time to building up girls.

Truly, in this blog, we regularly feature amazing troops and individual girls who are—to put simply–making their communities better in ways many people may not realize. But I’d like you to pause for a moment and think about how these girl were able to get to this point.

It’s because of volunteers, amazing ones who help make these girl’s dreams a reality. We’re hoping to give volunteers their over-due credit by recognizing their stories and dedication.

We’ve setup a special nomination form as part of a program we’re calling “Volunteer of the Month.”

Each month throughout the year, we will select one volunteer to be recognized as Volunteer of the Month for NYPENN. So, has someone in Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways made a difference to you, your daughter, troop, or service unit? If yes, please complete the nomination form to recognize the individual who helped make a difference. The outstanding person will be featured in their local paper, on our social media, and website.

Fill out this form to recognize the volunteer in your life.

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