There’s this odd idea floating out there that Girl Scouts is just for little girls. Isabella, an Ambassador-level Girl Scout is shattering those stereotypes, showing her peers just how Girl Scouting can shape a young woman’s future.

Isabella is involved in SkillsUSA through her school, an organization which prepares students for future careers in technical, skilled, and service occupations. She recently came back from the National Convention held in Kentucky, after which she became the Vice President of region 2 in New York State—a big responsibility. But Isabella found she could handle it, having already acquired many of the skills needed to lead, thanks to Girl Scouting.

“She taught these other kids how important it was that she was a Girl Scout, because being a Girl Scout has taught her how to be organized and how to take charge,” Beth, her mother and troop leader, told us. “She even taught the other officers some Girl Scout songs that they are now going to use as ice breakers during some future meetings.”

What’s more, Beth says, “Some the kids didn’t believe her about all the awards (torches, community bars, 2 presidential service awards) and badges until she went to the unit meeting in Rochester because she brought her vests to show them all her awards… they all thought Girl Scout was for little girls.”

In case, you were wondering, Isabella is part of Girl Scout Troop 20002—a troop we always enjoy hearing about. Not only is their troop made up of Daisies to Ambassadors, this troop knows how to work hard for their community and set out for adventures.

One thought on “Isabella Shows US What Girl Scouting is Really About

  1. This young lady is truly an awesome example of a Girl Scout. What an outstanding role.model for her troop and for the others teens in her skills organization. She obviously is very proud of her accomplishments as well she should be.

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