A while ago, I wrote a story about a very special troop. They were using design as a way to empower women and learn about those that came before them–those who blazed the trail so young women can have the rights they do today.  I’m back again to tell you about the amazing things they’ve accomplished.

[Read the original story here.]

“Our troop’s efforts were featured in our local newspaper which has been great not just for the campaign but for bringing forth new opportunities,” Troop Leader Toni Bauso writes. This last Thursday, our troop opened the city council meeting with the pledge of allegiance.”

They created a t-shirt featuring the iconic Rosie the Riveter with the message: Never Underestimate A Girl proudly written across the front. On the back, names of women who continue to influence and remind the women and girls of today that we are the makers of history, and our legacy can be made in a number of different ways.

rosie the riveter

women of note

“We have gotten A LOT of positive feedback,” Toni told us. “So many people are telling me how excited they are and that they cannot wait to get their shirts.”

The troop intended on selling just 100 shirts to help them fund their adventure, but they almost doubled their sales, selling 182 shirts!

So, what will these girls be doing with the funds raised?

“We will be planning a trip to the Women’s Rights Museum and the National Women’s Hall of Fame in November,” Toni said. “We will also be going to the Harriet Tubman home, probably during February.”

Toni says when her daughter found out they hit the 150 mark on t-shirts sold, she made this face:


Great job girls!

We’re always looking to share stories about our girls and what they’re doing in and for their community. Send photos and info to nshoemaker@gsnypenn.org.

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