Find Out What Pushed This Girl Scout to Become a Top Seller

fall product programWe get it, when people think of Girl Scouts, they think of cookies. But there’s a lot of meaning behind their efforts.

This Isabella from Spencer, NY, she was NYPENN’s top seller in 2015 for the Fall Product Program (learn more about it here), selling a grand total of $1,145 worth of product (nuts, candy, and magazines).

Her motivation? 

“I set a goal on how much to sell,” Isabella said. “In order to reach my goal, I made my list of people who I wanted to ask. I went door-to-door, online, and shared with family and friends what my goal was. I like product sales because the troop gets to have fun after I sell the nuts and candy.

For Isabella, it’s about raising money for her troop, so they can do amazing things together.

“When she makes her list, I provide her with transportation to folks within our rural neighborhood, phone numbers, emails etc.,” her mom, a troop and service leader, said. “She did the talking, emailing and the delivering of course with my assistance and supervision. I then feel that I have done my role as parent in supporting her to be successful. She gets the incentives, she does the work, right down to sorting out the orders when in and including personalized thank you notes-cards for each person who ordered.”

The product sale does help build up business skills. But it helps them realize how much a group of people can accomplish together. Her money, along with the money from her other troop members will allow them to go on trips, fund community service projects, and more.

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One thought on “Find Out What Pushed This Girl Scout to Become a Top Seller

  1. Outstanding job young lady, and Mom, you certainly have a handle on how to help her learn and grow. Keep on keepin on both of you.

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