We recently put out the call to the Girl Scout community to tell us about volunteers who they’ve seen go beyond the call of duty. We’re proud to announce September’s Volunteer of the Month goes to Kim Westcott of Service Unit 104 in Oswego County.

After all, there are so many ways for people spend their time—it’s a precious thing—which is why we’re honored when people choose to volunteer with the Girl Scouts.

Kim’s nominator explained to us why she deserves to be recognized: 

“Like many volunteers, Kim Westcott’s enthusiasm for Girl Scouts is contagious!  In addition to leading two troops – one a large multi-level Daisy/Brownie/Junior troop and the other, a newly formed Cadette troop. Kim has served as Recruiter and Events Coordinator for the Oswego Service Unit for several years. She has planned several kick-off events, including a luau and sock-hop. Her troops have enjoyed many great adventures including lots of day trips and camp-outs. She has been known to be up at all hours talking Girl Scouts with fellow volunteers and rumor has it – is one of Michaels’ best customers!

“Kim has recently formed a Girl Scout Honor Guard, which has participated in multiple parades throughout the CNY area. Additionally, she is also the driving force behind the GSNYPENN Volunteer Facebook group.”

As for Kim, we asked her what drives her to do what she does for Girl Scouts:

“Working with the girls, the parents, seeing the leadership skills evolve in both levels.  I love figuring out how to give the girls in my charge ways to get out and move about their community, increasing their visibility. I consider this a win – win – win.  The girls win by becoming more visible. The community wins buy reaping the benefits the girls sow with their service. The movement wins by having more girls interested in joining the program. To me I count that as all pure joy!”

Keep up the great work Kim!

If you know a Girl Scout volunteer who deserves to be recognized, consider nominating them for our Volunteer of the Month.

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