Much of the time, an issue just needs the right advocate in order to make a difference. Anna Lioto of Troop 10623 did just that for the animals at her local shelter. She dedicated a number of hours an energy all toward the goal of making their stay (until they find their forever home) a little more bearable.

Since we last wrote about Anna’s progress, she has completed her project.

“I collected tons of donations from boxes and local shops and Amazon Wish List, and had blanket donations mailed to me,” she told us. “I also made many different toys from re-purposed t-shirts, fleece, and pvc. And I made beds and crate pads also.”

girl scout anna

What’s more, Anna’s project had another layer to it: she wanted to make sure her project was sustainable. By reusing scraps, she was able to up-cycle many discarded items that would have been wasted in a landfill.

Anna’s wish is that others continue by her example. “I made a video encouraging others to help their local shelters,” she wrote.

We’re always looking to share stories about our girls and what they’re doing in and for their community. Send photos and info to

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