The most interesting part of this 2016 Election has been the discussions between Girl Scouts and their parents and troop leaders. Questions should always be encouraged–this is an important and wonderful part of living in a democracy. so, I’d like to highlight how troop leader Erin Rouse used the 2016 Election to empower the voices of her Brownie Troop 40181.

“At tonight’s meeting, which happened to be the evening before Election Day 2016, the girl’s learned the basics of Elections,” she wrote to us an email. “We talked about the process… starting from registering at age 18 to visiting a polling place on Election Day.”

They discussed the significance of the vote for women, in particular, Erin wrote, “We talked about the 19th amendment and Susan B. Anthony.” The girls also learned what a ballot is and how all the votes are tallied up, which all help determine the next President.

As a fun exercise, Erin had the girls voice who they would want to be the next President. “We set up a mock Presidential election and the girls went through the process ending with their votes on who they want to be our next president,” Erin wrote. “Our winner was Hillary Clinton! 5 to 1.”

Erin is hoping to continue educating her Girl Scouts about the political process well after the Election. “We are going to look into visiting the Susan B. Anthony house in Rochester in the near future, as well as the Woman’s rights museum in Seneca Falls.”

As Girl Scouts, we are public servants, committed to using the many to make change at a local level. The Presidency, represents the ultimate commitment to serving the people, but on a national and sometimes global scale.

What do your Girl Scouts think of this 2016 Election? How have you used it to discuss the democratic process?

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