This election has us thinking a lot about leadership and how we, as adults, are now given the task of answering question about what’s happening in the world around us. It’s a heavy burden to decide how we frame these events—objectively or not—because what we say will no doubt influence how these young women and girls perceive events moving forward.

We hope to provide some guidance in the weeks ahead to help you prepare for the role you have to fulfill.

Remembering those who fought for our rights: During times of great stress, it’s wonderful to unite under the common perspective of history, namely Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Both suffragists who fought to secure the right to vote for women and African Americans.

Many in Rochester paid their respects to both of them on Election Day.

Leadership Essentials: Volunteers looking to go further in their planning and mentoring should consider signing up for our Leadership Essentials workshop on November 19th in Afton, NY. If you are unable to make it to this workshop, don’t worry! We hold many of these workshops throughout the year in many different locations in the NYPENN region.

Sign up today!

Day Camp Director Training: Looking to start a day camp in your local area? Then this brand-new training is for you! Come participate in this training to learn all of the tips and tricks for running your own Service Unit Day Camp. From logistical planning, to planning activities, to health and safety–this training has it all, and will leave you feeling prepared and excited!

Sign up for the workshop in Cicero on December 3

Sign up for the workshop in Cicero on February 4

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