There’s only a few days left until our Invite-a-Friend Volunteer promotion ends, which is why we’re asking you to reach out to friends, family-members, Facebook acquaintances to see if they would be willing to start a new troop. You help the girls in your community and in return you and a friend get some money to stock up on supplies. It’s a win-win.

We know our council is big, spanning 26 counties across New York and Pennsylvania, which means we don’t want to leave out a single girl. You may not realize there’s even a need in your town, like Vicki Davis, a troop leader our in Richford, did when she started her own troop.

Originally, she started it so a handful of girls didn’t have to make the long commute to weekly meetings at the next town over. Once her troop was up and running, more girls came forward to join.

Why don’t you give a gift more valuable than trinkets to the girls in your community? Ask a friend to start a troop. More troops means more opportunities for girls, after all.

Let’s break down what an opportunity with the Girl Scouts can do:

96% of girls have tried at least one new thing as a Girl Scout—what a confidence booster!

93% of girls agree that Girl Scouts helped them learn leadership skills—her future just got brighter!

73% of girls improved their willingness to persist through challenges because of Girl Scouts—she will never back down!

Girl Scouts is about giving girls that safe space to grow and build their experience as future leaders.

This is just one example of what you would be helping to build:

The Invite-a-Friend promotion ends December 15. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. 

Sign up a friend now.

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