We’re pleased to announce Amy Szewc-McFadden, a service unit manager for the Midlakes Service Unit, is our Volunteer of the Month.  She was nominated for “being an advocate for her leaders and her service unit. We are truly lucky to have her as a volunteer for NYPENN Pathways.”

Girl Scout volunteers can take on many roles, from helping out during one-time events to establishing and leading a troop of girls. Amy told us how her role in the Girl Scouts has evolved over the years.

“I started as a Troop co-leader with an inspiring woman,” she said. “I saw then what potential Girl Scouting is for girls. Along with it I realized that reaching that potential is dependent upon the leaders and their resources. This is how I became more involved in Girl Scouts at the leader level.”

“What I truly find rewarding is seeing the girls grow and the leaders grow right alongside them. Things that neither thought they would ever do, they are doing it! (And having a blast usually!) I, too, have grown by doing things that I never thought I would! That is priceless.”

Her hope for the future: to continue providing the resources needed to help volunteers succeed. After all, when they succeed, the girls do, too.

If you know a Girl Scout volunteer who deserves to be recognized, consider nominating them for our Volunteer of the Month.

If you’d know someone who might be interested in changing girls’ lives, like Amy, consider inviting them to become a volunteer. We have a special promotion going on when you invite a friend to start a new troop, you receive $100 and a Volunteer Resource Pack for each friend—awesome. Read more for details.


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