The holiday seasons is often considered the season of giving. So, we’ve prepared a list of things with that theme in mind.

  1. Serve a meal to the homeless: It’s our last event before 2017, and in typical Girl Scout fashion it’s about helping others. The rescue mission at 155 Gifford St., Syracuse, NY is looking for volunteers to serve a meal to those without on December 21.

This evening will no doubt be an eye-opening experience for the girls. Girls will receive a certificate of completion for their service. Girls ages 12-15 must have an adult attend with them. Girls age 16 & up, may attend without an adult.

To register for this Program, Email Mary Bodner at

Find out more about the program.

  1. Share your story of giving with us: We’ve already heard about so many acts of kindness throughout the month of December from caroling to making bagged meals, but we’re always looking to hear more. Tell us what you and/or your troop have been up to over the holidays and beyond by sharing your story.

We know Girl Scouts do so much within their community, let us share it with everyone. Email

  1. Give to the Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts do so much within their communities: they build them up, they honor those who risked their lives for us, and they continue to make our towns better in unseen ways. They give their time and earnings from cookies sold to do these wonderful things, which is why we’re asking you to consider giving back to these wonderful girls, so they can continue these projects.

There are two ways you can help: Volunteer or make a donation.

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