3 Things for Thursday: This Video Continues to Remind Us Why We Became Girl Scouts

Before we go on holiday break, we’d like to leave you with three things to consider.

1. #ForTheGirl: This powerful film from our sisters over at Girl Guiding features the voices of well-known media personalities. The sad part is Girl Guiding said, “There were many voices to choose from. We’ve chosen just a handful. All from the last three years.”

2. Find adventure this winter: No matter the season our Adventure Centers are here! Pick the adventure that’s right for your troop based off of our event list or reserve a campsite and blaze your own trail. Whether it’s hiking or ziplining across the treetops at Trefoil, our camps are ready and waiting for your next outing!

We have a number of activities planned for 2017 at out Amahami, Comstock, Hoover, and Trefoil Adventure Centers.

Check out the full list of activities or find out how to reserve a campsite.

3. Raise your voice at the national level: We are seeking girl delegates to help represent the NYPENN community of Girl Scouts. We will be sending 12 Girl Scouts to the national convention on October 4-8th to Columbus, Ohio.

If you’d like to represent us and let your voice be heard, consider applying to become a delegate. Ask yourself: Are you able to expresses ideas and facts in a clear manner? See the bigger picture and think long-term? Then you might want to consider applying to become a delegate.

Apply here.

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