3 Things for Thursday: Here’s a Few Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Winter Weekends

lake sunset trefoil
What do you want to get out of your weekends as we start the new year? Maybe you want to get outside of the house for a day (or more). The month of January may be cold, but we have something available for every weekend ahead.

1. STEM into the future: Get out to the Salmon Run Mall this weekend (Saturday, January 7) and entertain your inner scientist! Activities include:  Color Mixing Tops; Lava Cups; Exploding Popsicle Sticks; Catapult Building/Testing; Drawing Robots; 3D Shapes; Origami and Marble Maze. No registration necessary.

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2. Go snowshoeing through Montezuma’s forests: Girl Scouts of all ages are invited to snowshoe through Montezuma’s forests and grasslands on Saturday, January 21. Learn how to read the stories left in the snow by their resident foxes, coyotes, rabbits, and birds. Have you ever wondered how cold-blooded critters survive in the winter? Discover where reptiles and amphibians hide during this season. After snowshoeing, girl Scouts can warm up with a delicious cup of hot cocoa in the Center!

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3. Spend a Winter Weekend at Trefoil: Enjoy a weekend of activities indoors and out from Friday, January 27- Sunday January 29. Girls will have an opportunity to experience STEM, an edible science experiment, arts and crafts, and traditional winter camp fun. Meals on Saturday and Sunday are provided. You are more than welcome to bring your own sleds, snowshoes, or cross country skis.

Register for this winter weekend.

Don’t see anything you like here, thankfully we have a larger list of events and programs on our website. Check it out.

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