Remember This When the Girl Scouts Come Knocking

With each cookie sale Aubrey gets closer to her goal of going to camp this summer. For Girl Scouts, the cookie sale is how they fund community projects and adventures. It’s a meaningful exchange when you buy a box of cookies, you’re encouraging girls to make their own way and go further.

This year marks 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies. It’s an important part of our history, which shows the entrepreneurial spirit of girls–their willingness to find a way to create the means to reach a larger, greater goal.

Aubrey wants to sell 1,000 cookies this season, so to help her in her mission, she’s attending the Girl Scout NYPENN CookieWow convention. There she’ll gain resources to help boost her sales and confidence to make her camp dreams a reality.

The only question left to ask is, what will you do when Aubrey knocks on your door?

Learn more about CookieWow

Do you have a cookie story? What have you done with your earnings from cookie sales in the past? And what are you planning on doing with your cookie money this year? Let us know by emailing

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